Jesus commands us to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Boca Glades is proud to have a multi-faceted vision for fulfilling this great commission. Our plan is divided into three distinct areas: direct missions, cooperative missions, and international church planting.


Boca Glades is extremely busy in our local mission field. However, besides our involvement in local missions we have a vision for the whole world. As a result, we have established partnerships in Brazil, India, Colombia. Our ministries in these countries include preaching, teaching, church mobilization, street drama, vacation bible schools, sports camps, building wells, building churches and building orphanages.

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Boca Glades is proud to support international, state, and local missions through the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program.

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Boca Glades is an active international church planter. After years of planting churches using various methods, we are currently partnered with the extremely effective ‘Timothy Initiative.’

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