music-ministryWelcome to the Music Ministry of Boca Glades!

Music has always played an important role in the worship of God’s people. The music we sing and play has eternal value. At Boca Glades we carry on this rich tradition, and consider it the highest privilege and honor to help lead God’s people in praise and worship of our God.

Our goal is to achieve the highest musical excellence with the greatest spiritual and biblical emphasis.


The choir is the backbone of the music department. All other musical ministries are built from this core. We believe God gifts His people for this ministry and as a church we develop the talent within our congregation to minister through the medium of music.


Our orchestra is the foundation for other instrumental teams. Again, God brings to our church musicians who have developed different skill levels and it is in orchestra where we merge them into a cohesive whole. Whether you learned to play in High School or you have developed to a higher level, we encourage you to utilize your gift for the edification of the church body.

Praise team

Our Praise Team singers are core choir members selected by the director to participate in weekly worship. Skill levels are more demanding and rehearsal times more intense, and our team is committed to leading in life style, commitment and musical excellence.

Praise Team orchestra

Our Praise Team orchestra is comprised of the rhythm and keyboard sections of the orchestra and are selected by the director. They play for all our worship services and are built from the talents within our own congregation.