Pastor Scott and Kari_1Welcome to Boca Glades Family Ministries! We are dedicated to building strong healthy families.

Boca Glades is the place for your family. When you think about family, think Boca Glades and when you think about Boca Glades think family. It is our passion and joy to serve the diverse families in our community with the heart of God and the highest quality ministries. No matter what your family needs are, from enhancement and growth to direction and healing, come and become the vibrant family God desires you to be.

“May God bless, keep, and make His face to shine upon your family.”
Pastor Scott and Kari

Mission Statement:

Believing that the family unit is the basic building block in God’s blueprint for society, Boca Glades Family Ministries exists to build healthy, fruitful, and vibrant Christian families through meaningful and exciting ministries for each member of the family.