transitionsWelcome to Transitions

Not only can the transition from high school to married adult life be a lengthy one, but it can be a scary and uncomfortable one as well. It is a time of life marked by uncertainty, big questions and even bigger decisions. However, all too often churches fail to help students navigate the road from high school to calling/occupation, marriage, and family life. Boca Glades recognizes this unfortunate trend and understands that the local church cannot just expect students to make these transitions over night or alone. That’s why we partner with parents in offering a comprehensive program for those who have moved on from high school, but are not yet ready for marriage and family life.

Our ministry focuses on the spiritual and social needs of unmarried 18-30 year olds.



Collision – College/Young Adults Ministry at Boca Glades,
Every Thursday night, 7 pm to 9 pm, “The Reef”, Building #4

Who are we?

We are about seeing our lives transformed and becoming sold out to Jesus.
We strive to do this within an open forum of college students and young singles who are on a journey, which does not end in college.
We are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus and seeing it spread its influence on the college campuses and ultimately the world.

Our mission statement is to develop the next generation of authentic Christian leaders who strive to imitate the Life of Christ by boldly defending the faith, who correctly handle the word of truth and daily commit to the Word of God.

We invite you to join us Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm in “The Reef”, Building #4 of our campus. We open with a meal and fellowship and then participate in an open forum for our study. Stop by for a great meal, a game of pool, or just to catch up with a good friend.