Welcome to Children’s Ministry!

Georgiene Morgan_1“It takes a village to raise a child” is more than a catchy phrase to me – it is reality. I have raised two children who came to know and love the Lord at Boca Glades. Along the way, many members encouraged and nurtured them so that they are successful adults today. My experience is the basis of my goal for the Children’s Department. I pray that your children will see God’s love in action and be drawn closer to Him as they participate in our programs. It is my strong conviction that your child’s spiritual development is your primary responsibility. However, the Bible always pictures the church as a body and so I believe that we are interdependent. To fulfill our part in your child’s spiritual development, we have Sunday School, Children’s Church, Children’s Choir, Awana and the Cross Training Sports program. Do feel free to contact us with questions or concerns as we really believe in doing our best to bring families to Christ.

May God Richly bless you and your family,
Dr. Georgiene Morgan

Have you ever been in a discussion with your children and wanted to support your point with a Bible verse but just not sure where to find it? Let me share a helpful site that I found. It is