We are proud to offer a solid, exciting, and well-rounded program for teens, which has been drawn from the “core values” of Boca Glades Church. The primary responsibility for the spiritual well-being of each student falls upon their parents. However, we are here to assist parents in their tremendous task of raising teens and to assist teens in becoming all they can be for the glory of God. Therefore, the Student Ministry @ Boca Glades exists to guide students towards finding their purpose, worth, and fulfillment in a personal relationship with God their creator, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Our goal is to develop, equip and nurture students for their lifelong quest of being conformed to Christ’s image and bringing glory to God.

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Teen Programs and Activities:

It takes a lot of time, creativity, and energy to meet the numerous and diverse needs of our middle and high school students. As a result, our student ministry team strives to provide our students with a thoughtful balance of foundational programs and exciting activities in both our state of the art facilities and off campus events. Below is a list of our weekly scheduled events. For a full schedule of events select the calendar button located in the main navigation panel.

Wednesday Nights:

Need to refresh and quench your spiritual and social needs? Then come and feel the “Surge” at our Wednesday night student services. Here students can socialize, participate in recreation, scarf up delicious snacks, play video games and most importantly hear relevant messages from God’s Word, all in the gym and REEF (our state-of-the-art tiki-themed student area).

Sunday Mornings:

Ready, set, go for serious Bible study and dialogue with a knowledgeable and qualified teacher. Our six-year curriculum from StudentLife is designed to prepare our students for the challenges of adulthood through the following year long studies.
Sunday Mornings 9:45-10:45am

Sunday Evenings:
Students gather each Sunday evening to experience koinonia (fellowship) by relaxing, sharing a meal provided by one of our families, participating in either our praise band or drama teams, and hearing a timely devotion. Koinonia is all about believers getting together and sharing our common faith, message, and walk. While it comes naturally and cannot be artificially manufactured, the Student Ministry @ Boca Glades understands its vital role in providing a weekly opportunity and conducive atmosphere for koinonia.
Band/Orchestra/Drama Practice 5:00pm-6:00pm
Fellowship Dinner 6:00pm-6:30pm
Worship/Devotion 6:30-7:15pm