Christ had a purpose: “to seek and to save that which was lost.” His purpose should be our purpose. Our purpose is expressed in our core values, which are the constant, passionate, biblical beliefs that drive our ministries.


The Bible: We value the Bible as our sole source of faith and practice. It is relevant and essential to every decision and activity of the church. It is God’s means for the conversion of the lost, the growth of the Christian, and the worship of God.


Loving God: We value personal, family, and corporate worship of God. We express our love for God personally by our obedience to God in our personal devotions and walk before our family, church and community. We express our love for people through ministry to our church, community and the world.


Maturity: We value the process of discipleship where every believer is transformed into the image of God’s Son and is committed to reproducing the life of Christ in the lives of other believers.


Missions: We value our call to make disciples of all nations. We recognize our mission field is broader than our own community.


Evangelism: We value God’s love for all people and acknowledge that evangelism is both personal and corporate. We understand the work of evangelism includes cultivation, sowing, reaping and reproducing disciples who will continue the work of evangelism.


The Church: We value both the privilege and responsibility of every believer to be active and supportive in their local church.


The Family: We value the family as a God-ordained institution and understand our responsibility to strengthen the family through our ministries.